Styling tips for petite women

When you have a petite figure you’ll know some fashion flatters and some clothes can overwhelm you. Here are some styling tips to help you.

Styling tips for petite women

Be in proportion

Styling tips for petite women

Show off your petite figure with pieces that emphasise your shape. A mini skirt that nips in at the waist and a tucked in t-shirt will look great on you, and how about a jacket with a peplum waist. Graphic prints and bodycon styles can also enhance the proportion of your figure. So that you can show off the best things that come in small packages.

Try layering tailored pieces, which Yahoo Lifestyle says is a great look for shorter girls.

Don’t always go short

There’s no reason not to wear a black maxi dress if you’re petite. Just look for a style which has a split in it and you’ll be wearing a black maxi dress with a bit of red carpet attitude.

You’ll want to avoid clumpy shoes if you’re going for longer length skirts or maxi dresses, but:

Try mini skirts

Instead of midi skirts, which can sit at a length to make short legs seem shorter, wear a mini skirt. Denim and animal print options are very fashionable.

Avoid wide legs

Flares can work on petite figures, but wide leg trousers are a no no if you don’t want to look like your trousers are in danger of flying you away. Look out for capri pants and tailored trousers.

Wear flares with a pair of heels and look out for a style which flares from the knee and has a high waist.

Ankle boots

Don’t try knee high or mid-calf boots that will just cut off your legs in all the wrong places. But ankle boots will sit just right and look great with an above the knee skirt.

One colour jumpsuits

Go for a flattering one colour jumpsuit instead of a patterned one-piece. And you’ll make more of a style statement instead of being walked all over.

Dressing a petite figure can be a challenge with many fashion items seemingly tailored for taller women. Try turning up sleeves on shirts or jackets to reveal the lining and give your style. A relaxed edge or cut off jeans to your ankle height and wear with a frayed edge, which is super on trend.